Golden BALI Turquoise Chakra Heart Necklace
Golden BALI Turquoise Chakra Heart Necklace

Golden BALI Turquoise Chakra Heart Necklace

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  • French made
  • Surgical Stainless Steel 316L
  • Length 40cm + 5cm extension


All our Medeore jewelry is cast and assembled in our workshop in Perpignan, so we specify that when you order a Medeore piece of jewelry you are purchasing care before purchasing a piece of jewelry. The jewel is only the receptacle of the programmed care which allows you to measure the evolution of the care in the material. In order to precisely measure its evolution, we advise you not to wear your jewelry when it can be altered or torn off or during sporting activities.

The virtues of the turquoise stone:

  • Allows you to calm down and calm all forms of anger.
  • Develops personal development and helps develop communication with others.
  • Allows you to regain deep and restorative sleep.
  • Helps combat episodes of stress, fatigue and low morale.
  • A stone of wisdom, turquoise promotes forgiveness, peace, reconciliation and the calming of all tensions.
  • Allows the alleviation of pain, helps strengthen the immune system.
  • Helps to avoid poisoning, but also excess bad fats, it will regulate the diet. Known to relieve stomach, joint pain, cramps and pain of all kinds (muscular, etc.).
  • Helps strengthen eyesight.
  • Its regenerative power allows you to recover more quickly after a sports session or following an injury. Anyone going through a period of recovery can wear turquoise to speed up the healing process.
  • Also helps reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches.

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