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Qu’est-ce qu’un oracle divinatoire et comment l’utiliser ?

What is a divinatory oracle and how to use it?

In ancient Greece , an oracle was a priest or priestess who served as a channel to deliver the word of the gods. Today, this term refers to a set of cards, used for divination, clairvoyance, guidance and self-reflection. Unlike the divinatory tarot deck , which follows a specific system with precise meanings , oracle decks are more open-ended. So, how to choose your oracle ? How to purify your deck of cards ? How to make the prints ? Here are all our tips for using your divinatory oracle properly.
Stéphanie Abellan
Stéphanie Abellan
Therapist, specialized in cell release and cleansing
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What is a divinatory oracle?

The word “ oracle ” has been used since antiquity . It comes from the Latin “ orare ” which means to speak. In Greek mythology , it had a divine dimension, since it was the expression of the words of the gods, of divinity through a person who followed traditions and cultures.

The prophecies delivered by the oracle are based on the interpretation of natural events : they speak of the events of your future , or the intentions of people, but do not give the outcome of a situation or the answer to a question. The oracle sheds light on the paths to follow.

There are many oracular tools , such as runes, decks of cards, tarots, coffee grounds, or even tea leaves ... Divinatory oracles make it possible to obtain clarification on a situation , see it under another angle , and invite us to think differently, to carry out real introspection work on our own reflections.

The oracle does not allow you to determine the future with certainty, but helps you to become aware of the energies which are present in your life, which surround you.

How to choose an oracle?

Oracle of the Arcana, Tarot of Marseille, Oracle of Astrological Guidance , Chinese Tarot, Oracle of Belline, Oracle Gé, Egyptian Tarot, Oracle of the Triad, Oracle Lenormand, Oracle of the Mirror Hours, Oracle Blue or even, Oracle of the Angels, Oracle of Medeores : in the divinatory arts , there are numerous oracles and tarot cards , which address different themes. In the world of spirituality , you are constantly invited to follow your instinct : the same goes for choosing your oracle , the one with whom you will create a solid relationship.

Pay attention to what you feel, connect with yourself. Detail the game cards , observe the visuals that inspire you, the symbols , the colors , the themes . Analyze if the cards remind you of anything, if you can get in touch with them.

How to use a divinatory oracle?

The art of drawing oracle cards is called cartomancy . If this gift was once reserved for priests and priestesses, this divinatory art is today within everyone 's reach. Medium, clairvoyant, fortune teller, cartomancer or tarot reader thus carry out interpretations and know precisely how to draw cards . However, beginners can also easily learn to use their oracle well: in order to take possession of it, nothing beats practice. It is a tool accessible to everyone, which allows you to obtain advice and predictions about certain situations and questions . It can help you develop your intuition, your instinct, your self-knowledge , or even release the emotional suffering of your children.

Using the oracle is a moment for you. In order to use it, and understand the meaning of the cards , several tips will help you…

Purify your game

Whether you want to read a sentimental future , predict an event , a life path , or work on yourself, purifying the oracle is an essential step. Before starting to use your divination cards , you can purify them with incense or sage smoke, or lithotherapy stones or crystals (rock crystal, quartz, etc.). This allows you to cleanse them of any energies that they may have absorbed during their creation, or during previous times you used them. In order to purify your oracle , you can also place the deck on your heart or in your hands for the time you deem necessary. If you wish to lend your divinatory game to someone, consider purifying it in order to reclaim it for yourself.

Connect to your oracle before making a draw

To use your oracle correctly, create a relationship with it, affinities , so that it is imbued with your aura and your energy . To do this, you can sleep with your deck, touch it, or simply shake your divination deck , shuffle the cards, knock on them…

Promote a pleasant atmosphere

To use your divinatory oracle in the best possible conditions, opt for a quiet place, where you will not be interrupted or disturbed when you interpret the messages and predictions . You can perform your draw sitting at a table or on the floor. It's all a question of feeling, of the place that seems most suitable to you.

You can light a candle to make the atmosphere warm , and place meaningful objects near you: lithotherapy stones can accompany you during this special moment of serenity .

During the drawing , you must feel calm and confident : you will thus be able to create an atmosphere conducive to reflection and introspection .

Sit comfortably, avoiding postures with crossed legs, which block the flow of energy . Breathe deeply to calm your mind and put your thoughts aside. The goal is to anchor yourself in the present moment.

How to draw cards?

To draw , start by shuffling the cards , thinking about the question or asking it out loud. Favor open-ended questions (where the answer is not just yes or no ), in order to leave room for interpretation . Stop shuffling at the moment when one of the cards seems to want to come out of the pack: this is a message that we want to deliver to you. Take the first card in question and set it aside for interpretation.

Then spread the cards in front of you, trusting your intuition and their symbolism , and ask yourself which one attracts you the most. Take the card, preferably with the left hand because it is the hand of the heart . Interpret the answer according to your situation, your feelings, your experiences. Indeed, when we use an oracle , we open a door towards our intuition, our inner presence and the divine. During the oracle reading , you must also allow yourself to receive these messages sent to you.

Divinatory oracles are generally accompanied by an explanatory book which helps you understand the meaning of each card , but you can also detach yourself from it in order to give free rein to your emotions. Ask yourself several questions:

  • What do I feel ?
  • What message do I see behind these illustrations ?

If you feel that the message is not clear, or that you cannot decipher it, you can draw a second card to clarify the message, or put it down and come back to it later to let the power of the oracle to have its effect.

At the end of the card draw , don't forget to thank the divinatory oracle, in order to strengthen the bond you have with it.

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