Wound of the soul: Humiliation

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    The soul wound of humiliation also takes shape between 1 and 3 years of age. It can be linked to both parents, and more specifically to parents tending to repress physical pleasure. The person with a humiliation injury felt a prohibition on sensual pleasures. The latter are always relegated to the rank of what is “dirty” and “shameful”. The person suffering from humiliation injury has a constant need to prove their worth. He feels like he has a real duty to be useful to others. To the point where he does not hesitate to sacrifice his own well-being for that of others.

    For more information we recommend Lise Bourbeau's book "The 5 wounds that prevent you from being yourself.

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    Sage will primarily be used to cleanse your living space: if you work on yourself, if you do your best to liberate and cleanse your different physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

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