Explanation of energy healing

Comment agissent nos bijoux soins?

Nos bijoux travaillent sur 2 axes en simultanés:

  • Le nettoyage de la mémoire cellulaire
  • le soin énergétique de base chakra, définie par certaines couleurs
The treatment for cleaning or releasing cellular memory

This treatment varies from one medeore to another and is indicated on each product sheet.

The treatment for cleaning and releasing cellular memory is really the treatment that interests us. For what? Because it is the one who will really powerfully and subtly bring about change!

It will cleanse or release what hinders you and what you have been carrying for generations or many previous lives. By freeing your cellular memory by one more layer, you become lighter day by day. A piece of jewelry will rarely be able to resolve a problem in one go, but it will remove a large disabling layer so that you can see things more clearly, adopt new attitudes or thoughts, change your daily life, your ways of acting or reacting.
When your piece of jewelry breaks, you can definitely decide to buy a piece of jewelry with the same care to further clean up the problem, the only rule is to listen to yourself: does this speak to you? Very often, instinctively, as soon as a treatment ends you will favor another area of ​​treatment to clean before returning to the previous one a few weeks later, there are no rules, except that of listening to yourself.

Le soin énergétique de base Chakra

Ce soin est déterminé simplement par la ou les couleurs présentes sur le fond de la medeore. Cette collection sert de base de programmation à chaque bijou, il sert à ré-harmoniser vos centres énergétiques chakras afin d’allier le nettoyage cellulaire à un bien-être instantané énergétique et émotionnel.

Chaque bijou est programmé en un soin énergétique correspondant à la couleur du ou des chakras utilisés pour sa confection. Si plusieurs couleurs sont présentes alors le bijou diffusera plusieurs soins simultanément. Par exemple votre bijou contient la couleur bleu, rose et violette. Il vous suffira de vous reporter aux détails ci-dessous afin de connaître les correspondances.


Orange Jewel
Action : Sacral Chakra

Helps soothe the male-female duality within you. If your sacred masculine and feminine are not in harmony, this jewel pushes you to balance these two poles. Helps to erase the pain of the inner child in the wounds of rejection, injustice, abandonment, humiliation or betrayal. Encourages you to allow yourself the pleasures of life, to think more about your happiness.

Red Jewel
Action : Root Chakra

Helps to pacify family conflicts, particularly with the father and mother as well as transgenerational blockages. Helps to anchor, that is to say no longer staying stuck in the past or anticipating the future but being in the present moment. Helps you become aware of your fears and cleanse them.

Golden Jewel
Action : Chakra Plexus

Helps to digest the emotions and experiences that have remained blocked following a difficult event as well as the energetic imprints left by old toxic relationships, helps to develop one's light, one's personal power and to take action on one's desires in order to move forward concretely.

Pink & green jewel
Action : Heart Chakra

Helps to soothe the heart chakra, it diffuses an energy of self-love where self-respect will be essential. Harmonizes desires and expectations and allows you to open up to others with deep respect for yourself as a priority. Helps heal past emotional wounds. The green jewel accentuates self-love, taking time for yourself, loving yourself, respecting yourself, cultivating your body and your health. The pink jewel has a more external action: your relationship with others, developing more respectful relationships and maintaining benevolent energy in choosing a partner.