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Medeorian Jewelry

Medeores jewelry can be worn every day, all day long without restriction. However, if you are used to sleeping with your jewelry on, I do not recommend doing so. In fact, it is preferable not to have continuous treatment so that your different subtle bodies can rest and integrate the cleanings. In addition, you risk saturating the jewelry. See paragraph “What to do if the medeore breaks? »

How to maintain them

Medeores jewelry is made of anti-allergenic and stainless 316L surgical steel; however, it is preferable to follow the maintenance instructions in order to extend its lifespan.
Do not store your medeores in damp rooms and if possible in a bag protected from light and dust.
Do not wear medeores while playing sports or in the shower, and do not spray perfume directly on them.

To clean your medeors

Your medeore will have to absorb your negative emotional and energetic states, this could lead to the breakage of the jewel, at which point it will have diffused the treatment in its entirety. You can keep the support provided you purify it but we do not recommend keeping the medeore.
From its first use you will need to clean your medeore:
By fumigation with sage. You can use sage sticks (sold on the site) or palo santo. All you have to do is burn the sage and pass the jewelry over the smoke. Clean as many times as you feel necessary. Other purification methods such as scallops or flowers of life are also possible.

To recharge your medeors

You can also recharge your medeores on full moon evenings, either during the first rays of sunlight in the morning (between sunrise and 10 a.m.), or at the foot of very old trees (centenary oaks for example). Some people recharge their medeores themselves by magnetizing them by placing hands or reiki, but this is more intended for experienced people.

Medeores are not recommended for pregnant women as well as physically, mentally and psychologically fragile people who cannot in any way substitute medical treatment with medeore care. If in doubt about its use, ask your doctor for advice. All liability is disclaimed by the Les medeores d'Ankaa site. Children can only wear the medeores reserved for them: for babies from 0 to 3 years old in the category “The world of the child - 0 to 3 years old” and children from 3 years old to 12 years old in the category “The children's world - 3-12 years old”

There is no quantitative limit on the number of medeore jewelry items you can wear. You can decide to wear just one, or several. You can also wear several of the same treatment (for example ring, bracelet and buckle) in order to reinforce the desired treatment. Or mix colors for a more complete treatment. There are no rules regarding wearing jewelry, other than listening to yourself when you wake up when you start the day, when your thoughts are clear and rested: choose the number and color of jewelry that speaks to you and that will always be the right choice, trust yourself. In energy terms the maximum authorized number that you could theoretically wear before overloading with energy would be 100 medeores, you can wear your jewelry all at once with complete peace of mind.

You can without limit offer medeores to those around you if you feel that a loved one is not doing very well, or needs guidance during a particular period. My only recommendation is not to “force” refractory people by offering them a medal when they did not want it, and to always explain what the jewel consists of. Do not offer the medeore as a simple piece of jewelry, because as explained previously there is a real energetic link that is created between the jewelry and the person and care must always be taken to respect the free will of everyone.

Nous avons fait expertisé et certifié nos pierres par le Laboratoire Francais de Gemmologie (LFG) il s'agit de pierres naturelles.

An important concept regarding medeores jewelry: cleaning begins as soon as your order is validated, you can then feel the effects (nausea, vomiting, headache, euphoria, sadness, etc.), this means that your medeore can mutate during the time of transport (the resin may be found, it may change color) or the support may break. This is an integral part of the treatment protocol.

If your jewelry breaks, don't be disappointed. It is totaly normal. When the jewel has absorbed a lot of negative and heavy things belonging to you, it tells you that it has done its job and that it has reached the end of its possibilities, the treatment is then finished. You can then consciously choose a new piece of jewelry more aligned with your new energy.

As with any energy treatment, each person will react differently. Some people may feel their energy gauge increase significantly, and have an impression of strength and projects increased tenfold. Others will have triggers concerning their inner self and will want to take care of themselves, respect themselves, take time or change bad habits (smoking, poor diet, etc.) Finally, those who have heavy things to clean and who tend to somatize, which is the case for most people, can have some negative effects: nightmares, sadness, feeling of blues, nausea, diarrhea, even eczema for the most sensitive.
These reactions are completely normal, they demonstrate that a cleansing is taking place, do not focus on that, let go and allow yourself to feel these emotions and states of mind: to cleanse you have to bring this up and out. which hurts you, hence these sometimes melancholic feelings which appear.

Pregnant women can read the books and order the bolas medeores only;

You can sponsor a loved one, a friend or your family directly via the following link: I sponsor



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