How to choose your jewelry?

How to choose your jewelry

There are two methods for choosing your medeore:

– The first way, the one that I advise you, whether during a personal purchase or to offer to a loved one, is not to consult the list of correspondences between jewelry and energy treatments so as not to be parasitized by the mental. Indeed, the moment you head to this site and are attracted to a medeore, your soul knows exactly why and what it needs. You will be directly attracted to a green colored jewel without explanation, because your deeper self will know what you need. On the other hand, by reading the list of treatments, you involve the mind which could make a more “logical” decision, for example: I wear a lot of pink in my wardrobe, I will match my jewelry to my clothes. Obviously there is no bad choice, each piece of jewelry will bring you fantastic energetic and emotional help but I will always invite you to listen to your feelings and your little inner voice. If you wish to offer a gift: do trust you! Think about the person, this will align you with their energy and you will not be able to go wrong with the choice of the medeore, be sure of that. If you are rather looking to understand an event or a meeting in particular, in the same way, connect reach out to the suffering part of you that has remained stuck on this problem and choose the jewel, letting yourself be guided by your intuition. If when thinking about your last relationship you come across a red jewel, which symbolizes family relationships, you will know that the last relationship had a dysfunctional family pattern as a source of problem.

– The second method, which I recommend if you have already made purchases and want to complete your collection, is to read the list of energy treatments and then choose the jewel according to what you think you need to cleanse/work/release. This method is recommended when you already have several colored jewels, by alternating the varieties of treatments you have the possibility every morning when you get up to choose the jewel which will call you according to your state and to be aligned with the energy of the day.