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    Discover our collection of magnificent pregnancy bolas, the ideal gift for future mothers! These elegant and trendy jewelry pieces offer much more than just fashion accessories. Pregnancy bolas emit a gentle, soothing tinkling sound that creates a special bond between mother and baby from the first moments of pregnancy. Wear your pregnancy bola around your belly and each movement will be accompanied by a light and subtle melody, reassuring your baby who hears and recognizes this wonderful sound.

    Mummy & baby care accompanies our bolas and jewelry. They are programmed to release memories linked to birth (past life, family lineage and current life) and to calm the fears of the mother and baby.

    It allows for a deeper connection between them, mutual reassurance and an energy of love and protection.

    Not only are these pregnancy bolas beautiful to look at, but they also come with beneficial properties for mom and baby. The soft and regular ringing of the bola creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere, promoting a serene atmosphere for the baby's development. Additionally, the sound of the pregnancy bola is said to soothe infants even after birth, recalling the comfort and security they experienced in their mother's womb.

    Treat yourself or a pregnant woman to a gift that will be cherished forever. Our pregnancy bolas are symbolic treasures that capture maternal love and the unique attachment between mother and child. With their timeless elegance and soothing benefits, these precious jewels are much more than a simple fashion accessory.

    Discover our selection of pregnancy bolas now and choose the piece of jewelry that will make your heart and that of your baby vibrate. Order today and start creating treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

    Buy your pregnancy bola now and cherish the magical bond between you and your baby!

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