Intuitive play

Find out what blockage to release in your cellular memory

Thanks to this intuitive game and quantum physics you will be able to concentrate and choose according to your feelings the back of the card that calls you. By quantum effect you will be attracted to the card vibrating the same energies as you: this will be the care you will need. You can make several draws but we do not recommend doing more than two or three in a row.
Also the recommended time between two sessions is approximately 7 days because your energies will then be different.

Choose a card below
This treatment allows you to cleanse negative memories and beliefs related to abundance. It goes back into past lives, your transgenerational lineage as well as your present life in order to resolve these blockages that prevent you from activating powerful positive laws of attraction.
Life mission alignment
This treatment allows you to realign with your deepest self. It allows you to awaken cellular memories linked to capacities linked to your life mission, changes in desires and directions as well as certainties about what you have come to bring here on earth can blossom. An explanatory video on how to find your life path right here
This treatment is a real freeze-frame. It will allow you to question yourself deeply: who am I really? What do I really want? What obsolete patterns do I want to part with? It accompanies you in a deep cleansing of the heart of yourself in order to remove the masks and reveal yourself.
Self love
This treatment is one of the fundamentals, it will allow you to modify your dynamics and your anchored beliefs in order to reconnect with a healthy and harmonious relationship with yourself. Respect and self-love will be your new vibrations and this will have repercussions on your entire cellular memory. More information on this explanatory video
Anxieties and fears
This treatment focuses on traumatic memories that have caused protective displays linked to fear or anxiety of reliving something. It allows you to release the emotional charge linked to an experience that would have affected you or to temper an anxious and suspicious personality.
Calming of emotions
This treatment aims to clean the cellular memories that created the emotion(s) that are overwhelming you at the moment. By erasing the connected memory and reharmonizing the body, it allows you to bathe in an energy of appeasement of the emotional system.
Self sabotage
This treatment is recommended if you tend to self-sabotage, fall into repetitive patterns and block the progress of your projects with parasitic thoughts or you depreciate yourself.
Wound of the soul: Abandonment
This treatment allows us to work on the wound of the soul of abandonment. The wound of abandonment generally reveals itself between 1 and 3 years of age. It is linked to the relationship one has with one's parent of the opposite sex. The person suffering from abandonment injury felt like they were lacking emotional nourishment from one of their primary attachment figures. For more information we recommend Lise Bourbeau's book "The 5 wounds that prevent you from being yourself".
Wound of the soul: Humiliation

The soul wound of humiliation also takes shape between 1 and 3 years of age. It can be linked to both parents, and more specifically to parents tending to repress physical pleasure. The person with a humiliation injury felt a prohibition on sensual pleasures. The latter are always relegated to the rank of what is “dirty” and “shameful”. The person suffering from humiliation injury has a constant need to prove their worth. He feels like he has a real duty to be useful to others. To the point where he does not hesitate to sacrifice his own well-being for that of others.

For more information we recommend Lise Bourbeau's book "The 5 wounds that prevent you from being yourself.

Wound of the soul: Injustice

This injury will be more noticeable in people who have had very authoritarian and cold parents. Between the ages of 4 and 6, the child needs to assert his individuality even more, but it is rather suppressed.

He will find it unfair not to be able to be himself and this will often crystallize more in relation to the parent of the same sex. If the parent has difficulty being in their feelings, expressing themselves with healthy communication, they will encourage all of this without their knowledge of course. He does his best with the resources he has, we know that. However, criticism and severity create pain in the heart of the little being. It is anticipated that the parent possibly suffered from the same injury.

For more information we recommend Lise Bourbeau's book "The 5 wounds that prevent you from being yourself".

Wound of the soul: Rejection

Rejection injury usually reveals itself in the first year of life. It is linked to the relationship with one's parent of the same sex.

The person suffering from a soul wound of rejection felt a ban on existing or being themselves from this attachment figure. Of course, this is above all a subjective emotion. This does not always mean that the parent actually rejected the child, but that the child experienced it as such. For more information we recommend Lise Bourbeau's book "The 5 wounds that prevent you from being yourself".

Wound of the soul: Betrayal
The wound of betrayal is created between 2 and 4 years of age mainly and generally with the parent of the opposite sex who devalued the child or mistreated him. To protect himself, he will develop a defense mechanism by wearing the mask of the controller.
He unconsciously has a need to: “Look at me…”
This person is very demanding of himself and others.
Betrayal is inconceivable but she betrays herself by being too hard on herself.
It's difficult to enjoy the joys of the present moment when everything is in place to protect yourself.
Channeling & intuition
This treatment works on two axes: the intuitive by developing the clarity of the channel of reception of channeled messages and the cleaning of energetic blockages which could block the connection (thought forms, beliefs, external energies)
Sacral Chakra Jewelry reset
This treatment will allow you to cleanse the memories and energetic and emotional imprints that bind you to your ex partners. It allows you to release the emotions associated with sexuality in this incarnation (shame, regret, feeling of being soiled, lack of self-respect, etc.)
Emotional shock
This treatment is intended for people who have experienced emotional trauma that could not be digested and released: bereavement, separation, illness, burnout. You will find more information in this explanatory video
This unique treatment is the only one where you choose the problem to work on when you first wear the jewelry. It helps you become aware of the reason for the blockage and cleans the memories linked to it but also causes synchronicities/events/encounters. If you want to find more information click on this explanatory video.
Cut & leave
This treatment allows you to cleanse the limiting beliefs and anchored patterns that cause you to attract toxic people into your life. It allows you to clean the memories of victims and helps you modify your vibrations.
Jewelry Unblocking the 3rd eye, calming the mind
This treatment is intended for people who need to soothe their mind which blocks the energy of the 3rd eye in order to open and develop their perceptions and subtle senses. It also helps soothe insomnia.
Unlocking blocking node of the moment
This treatment is ideal if you are not sure of your blockage or you cannot choose. It will release the strongest cellular node which locks the other memories, this will allow the release lock to be broken. You will find more information in this explanatory video.
Be yourself
This treatment allows you to let go of the attitudes, words, thoughts that prevent you from being yourself. It invites you to free yourself from the gaze of others, and to finally dare to be you without fearing outside glances.
This jewel is programmed with a cleaning focused on modifying your vibrations in alignment with your plexus chakra: increasing your vibrations, releasing blockages and fears that prevent you from moving forward, self-confidence and energy for action. It helps you let go of programming and give yourself the right to carry out your projects.
This treatment allows you to be in an energy of forgiveness towards the experiences or people who have hurt you, but also towards all the times you have hurt yourself. It allows you to pacify your inner state.
Inner child
This treatment is programmed to heal wounds and suffering related to childhood. This crucial period often crystallizes many current blockages and requires deep treatment.
Hypersensitivity treatment allows you to work on the painful aspects of the hypersensitive person: affirmation of your personality, calming of the over-stressed emotional circuit, regaining self-confidence and your potential and developing your creativity and uniqueness.
This treatment concerns your relationship with your body: no longer making it an enemy, loving it, accepting it in order to be able to change it. This treatment helps you remove memories of duality within you and the guilt of not being as you would have liked. It allows you to accept yourself as you are.
I deserve
This treatment is focused on the notion of merit and value. It will cleanse limiting beliefs related to not deserving what one desires and at the same time works on self-confidence and the right to receive without limits.
Emotional pounds
This treatment allows you to cleanse the beliefs and memories related to your relationship with the body. It will help you bathe in an energy of self-love and respect for your body: return to sport, cooking, attention to yourself, in order to let go of negative habits and reharmonize your physical body.
Ankaa's flame

This treatment allows you to release the memories blocking your romantic relationships in your female lineage. The history of all the women in your lineage and their traumas can act and make you attract toxic or disrespectful relationships unconsciously because you unconsciously follow the pattern written in your credits.

It allows you to reveal yourself as a woman and redefine your true self in love.

Family lineage
This treatment helps release blockages linked to transgenerational lineage. Release all transmitted blockages that do not belong to you and blocking thought patterns recovered unconsciously. The cleared blockages act on your ascendants and descendants because it works on the entire lineage.
Let go
This treatment allows you to let go of expectations and free yourself from the need to control events, especially when they do not go your way. It helps you take a step back from annoyances and have more confidence in life without becoming pessimistic or aggressive.

This treatment is a subtle mix between letting go and deep alignment with oneself. Governed by the energy of water, it invites you to trust the future and to reveal yourself with authenticity in order to be perfectly aligned.

This treatment is a mixture of several existing treatments: Letting go - Plexus treatment - Ho'oponopono and coronal chakra. It invites us to bring peace and serenity into us. No longer fight against what you can't control and stay in a bubble of internal protection to be aligned and serene.
Plexus Cleansing Jewelry
This treatment allows you to release the energy center of the plexus where emotions are housed, it releases the memories holding you back in the past and clinging to your emotions. Its line of work consists of pushing you to act to free yourself from blockages by doing an energetic and emotional reset.
Peace & love
This medeore is a mixture of several treatments: heart chakra healing – self-love – letting go of expectations in love – and letting go. It allows you to heal the wounds of the past while letting go of the future. It helps you find yourself in order to change your vibrations regarding love and your relationships.
Little angel
This treatment is intended for people who have lost a child, whether through miscarriage, during pregnancy, at childbirth or during the first years of life. It will allow you to soothe the suffering of separation and cleanse the sacred chakra of emotional residue.
This treatment has an energy of renewal, it mixes treatments: plexus self-confidence – healing heart chakra – Queen B and throat chakra so that you allow yourself to start the life of your dreams. It pushes you to assert yourself in your femininity, in your desires so that you finally feel aligned.
This treatment helps cleanse all cellular memories blocking procreation: miscarriage, abortion, obstetric violence and fears related to childbirth, pregnancy and future parenthood. The cleansing extends to past lives and the transgenerational lineage.
Fed up
This treatment is intended for people feeling overwhelmed and heavy emotions (anger, sadness, anxiety) or feeling exhausted. It allows you to let go of the memories that reinforce this situation in order to free yourself from it.
Jewelry Reharmonization of the 7 chakras
This treatment is equivalent to a session with a magnetizer or an energetician, it allows you to reharmonize your 7 chakras and fluidify vital energy. It is recommended when you are in a period of physical fatigue, when you want to get back on your feet after a difficult period.
Past lives
This treatment allows you to remove blockages linked to your past lives. During all these lives we have stored up lots of traumatic experiences. This treatment will allow you to wipe the slate clean and clean them.