Quantique Box


50 abundance & quantum physics cards

This box contains 50 cards focused on quantum physics and the law of attraction, modify your quantum reality every morning by reading your card!

Explore the fascinating world of the quantum box

Discover the power of quantum box and immerse yourself in a fascinating universe where science and spirituality meet. This revolutionary box offers a unique experience using quantum principles to help you reconnect with your inner well-being and manifest your deepest desires.

  • Quantum Harmony: The quantum box uses advanced quantum technologies to harmonize your energies and promote balance in all aspects of your life.

  • Personal Transformation: Explore the quantum dimensions of your being and discover new opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

The benefits of the quantum box for your daily life

The quantum box offers many benefits to improve your daily well-being and allow you to live a fulfilling life. Here are some reasons why you should choose the quantum box:

  • Energy balance: The quantum box helps you balance your vital energies, thus promoting better physical and mental health.

  • Stress reduction: Thanks to its soothing frequencies, the quantum box helps you reduce stress and find a state of inner calm.

Manifest your desires with the quantum power of the box

The quantum box is a powerful tool for manifesting your desires and attracting positive experiences into your life. Here’s how the quantum box can help you:

  • Creative Visualization: Use the power of the quantum box to visualize your goals and attract them into your reality.

  • Strengthening intentions: Program your quantum box with positive intentions to strengthen your manifestation and accelerate your results.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
La good quantic box

Je lis une carte tous les jours.
Les cartes sont chouettes et bien travaillées.


Les cartes sont très belles. C est mon rituel quotidien depuis la réception . Si le tirage est au hasard, le hasard est très bien fait car la méditation du jour me parle ! Merci beaucoup pour la petite pochette 🥰

Sandrine Achard

Très beau coffret avec de très belles cartes

Marieke Witz

On en parle de la beauté de ces cartes ?? Ce violet profond qui m hypnotise à chaque fois.. J apprivoise cette box tout doucement mais sûrement et je me régale de chaque tirage qui me parle tellement...

Aurore S

Déjà précommandé, j’ai hâte de le recevoir début juin en complément de la box karma positive ce sera super ????