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chakra troisième oeil ajna

3rd eye chakra: what does it mean and how to unblock it?

The third eye chakra , also called Ajna chakra in Sanskrit , or brow chakra is one of the seven chakras . It is located in the center of the forehead and is symbolized by the color violet or indigo . Its energy governs spiritual communication , consciousness and perception. So how do you balance it? How to spot a disharmonized frontal chakra ? We tell you more!

Stéphanie Abellan
Stéphanie Abellan
Therapist, specialized in cell release and cleansing
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What is the function of the 3rd eye chakra?

The sixth chakra plays an essential role in the 7 chakra system. It is located between the two eyes and extends to the middle of the forehead when open. This chakra is linked to the pituitary gland: it is responsible for regulating serotonin, the happiness hormone . This 3rd inner eye is the eye of consciousness for Buddhists . It functions to enhance spiritual connection when opened. It brings wisdom , knowledge and insight.

The third eye chakra comes after the lower chakras , including the root chakra , sacral chakra , solar plexus chakra , heart chakra , and throat chakra , followed by the crown chakra . Together, these 7 chakras form the body's chakra energy system .

The importance of a balanced third eye chakra

A balanced third eye chakra gives people a sixth sense or strong intuition . This inner guidance is a real support for experiences in the real world: it allows individuals to trust their own instincts and their inner voice.

What are the signs of an imbalanced third eye chakra?

When a person experiences an imbalance in the 3rd eye chakra, they observe an increasing desire for material things. She is impatient, carries burdens from the past, and is plagued by negative thoughts , which block her vision.

Intuition is blurred, the person is indecisive , confused, and lacks concentration and objectivity . She also lacks purpose, and may experience depression . The individual has self-limiting beliefs, mood disorders, and is anxious .

Hyperactivity of the Ajna chakra is rarely observed. When this hyperactivity is present, then your energy is not aligned with truth or wisdom, but with illusion and misinterpretation. The individual becomes self-centered, and his understanding of himself is clouded by deep insecurities . An overactive third eye chakra can also lead the person to feel paralyzed by what they are feeling. This overflow of emotion does not allow him to experience peace.

The third eye chakra can also be underactive : the person then thinks too rationally, and appears austere. She stops herself from feeling, and does not tap into the power of her imagination. Her knowledge is used to judge and categorize others, which cuts her off from deep human experiences.

How to rebalance your third eye chakra?

The body's vital energy remains dormant at the base of the spine . To activate it, certain well-being practices are necessary , such as meditation, asanas or even prayer .


Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and focus on your inner knowing, your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings. Isolate yourself in a quiet place, and start a guided meditation to let go and connect to the present moment.


The yoga postures to perform in order to rebalance your third eye chakra are:

  • Child's pose (Balasana) : this posture promotes relaxation and letting go. Kneel on the floor, making sure your toes are touching and your knees are hip-width apart. As you exhale, lower your torso down between your legs. Your arms are outstretched in front of you, the palms of your hands are facing down;
  • Plow Pose (Halasana): Place yourself in a lying position on your mat, and bring your knees toward your chest. Stretch your legs toward the sky, jacking up, moving your hips above your shoulders and neck. Place your palms on your lower back to support your weight. Slowly lower your legs behind your head, keeping them straight. Flex your feet, and place your toes on the floor. Then remove your hands from your back and place them flat on the floor. Hold the position for five breaths.


Opt for intense blue, indigo blue and midnight blue stones and minerals : they will give life to energetic jewelry that will accentuate letting go, intuition, clarity of ideas and concentration. Labradorite and Sugilite can be valuable allies. Wear them on third eye chakra jewelry , as a necklace, ring or bracelet to benefit from their benefits.

Blue aventurine, azurite, hawk's eye, kyanite or blue sapphire are also stones that will help you rebalance your 6th chakra.

Some good habits to open your third eye chakra

To open and balance your forehead chakra , visualize a light on your forehead, between your eyebrows. As you visualize this light, focus on your inner thoughts and emotions.

You can also perform breathing techniques that promote activation of the third eye. Furthermore, make sure you have a healthy lifestyle : the more hydrated you are, the greater your energy flow will be. Eat healthy foods rich in antioxidants and nutrients to maintain good energy levels.

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