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Les 7 chakras : tout connaître de leur signification

The 7 chakras: know everything about their meaning

Within our body, each chakra has a very specific meaning. In total, the body is made up of seven energy points , which form spirals or wheels. The chakras are placed along the spine , running from the scrotum to the top of the head. Each of them is associated with a color of the rainbow. Root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra : what is the meaning of these 7 chakras ? How to unlock them? We tell you everything!
Stéphanie Abellan
Stéphanie Abellan
Therapist, specialized in cell release and cleansing
summary of the article

The root chakra

The 1ᵉʳ chakra, named Root (Muladhara in Sanskrit) , is located at the level of the coccyx, at the base of the spine, and extends to the navel . It is the symbol of the union between spirit and matter , and connects your body to the earth through rooting. It is represented by the color red. In this symbol, you can see a downward-facing triangle , which represents this rooting on Earth.

Point of circulation of energy through the body, the root chakra allows Man to ensure survival and prosperity. It is mainly the primary needs that are associated with this chakra, such as family, financial and social stability, security (eating enough, sleeping under a roof, etc.).

If you feel like your finances are stable, if you feel at inner peace , then your root chakra is perfectly balanced. The obstacles that slow down the opening of this chakra? The fear, anxiety, doubts and insecurity that we feel in our daily lives.

The sacral chakra

In Sanskrit , the sacral chakra is called Svadhisthana , “ your inner self ”. This chakra is orange in color. It is linked to your own identity, and is based on feeling . It is associated with pleasure, joy, passion, sensuality, sexuality.

The energy that circulates in the sacral chakra allows you to feel dynamic and confident. It supports aspects of emotional and physical health . When the sacral chakra is in balance, our emotions flow through us without any judgment. It governs many fluids in the body, from the sexual organs to the bladder and kidneys.

The sacral chakra is located above the root chakra , from below the navel to the center of the latter. It is thanks to him that you make the right choices and that you are joyful. When this chakra is balanced, you savor simple pleasures with more intensity, such as meals, creative activities (like painting or drawing), or even sexual relations.

The solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra , Manipura , is located at the level of the navel and more precisely three fingers above the latter, at the base of the rib cage . It is the link between your spirituality and your physicality , and refers to self-confidence, courage, and the will that we transmit to others, to ourselves, and to things. This vital energy is given the color yellow and the symbol of a lotus with 10 petals.

The 3rd chakra keeps your feelings and the warning signals from your unconscious alert. It is of great help for personality development. It represents human strength and personal development .

The fear of rejection, criticism, abandonment, of not being good enough, blocks the opening of this chakra. If you have confidence in yourself, you dare to make decisions, you launch into new projects without hesitation, your solar plexus chakra is probably well balanced.

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The heart chakra

The 4th chakra, Anahata, is represented by the color green . It mainly acts on feelings such as love, compassion and kindness, which we have towards ourselves and others. It is located right in the middle of the chest, on the sternum . This is why it is considered to be the chakra that receives the energies of the other 6 and transforms them to achieve unconditional love.

When the heart chakra is open and energy is flowing well, you are able to receive and give love in return. Your relationships with those around you are harmonious, and you feel perfectly in your place. You gain kindness, are more generous, help more easily, manage to stay positive even during a difficult stage, and you listen to your heart better.

The throat chakra

In Sanskrit , the throat chakra is symbolized by the color blue , and translates to Vishuddha , which means " purity ". It is linked to your voice, and is located in the throat, vocal cords and bronchi. It is closely linked to expressing your ideas and feelings, and allows you to tell the truth.

The role of this 5th chakra is to help you express yourself about what you think and what you feel. The objective? Ensuring sincere communication with others, and being able to give, but also receive.

The throat chakra , when balanced, allows you to have a lot of diplomacy and pure, sincere and healthy relationships with others.

The third eye chakra

The 6th chakra is that of the third eye . It is symbolized by the color indigo . It is located between your eyebrows, and radiates to the top of your head and your mouth. Called Ajna in Sanskrit, the third eye chakra offers extra-sensory perception: it helps you see beyond the material world and the 5 senses we have.

When your third eye is harmonious, you have gifts of clairvoyance , but you also have access to past lives , and no longer have fear of death . You see the world more clearly, and interpret your environment better. Third eye balance is one of the achievements to achieve during your spiritual development .

When your 6th chakra is not balanced, you lack interest in culture and knowledge, you are too sensitive to the feelings of others. You lack confidence and individualism, and tend to follow the group. You have a very rational personality, are not interested in spirituality and are very attached to the material.

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The crown chakra

The crown chakra , Sahasrara , means "thousand" or "infinite", and is represented by a lotus with 1000 petals . It is located at the top of the head , and is symbolized by the color purple . It represents the channeling of energy, awakening, connection and fusion with the divine.

The crown chakra is in total connection with the brain and the entire nervous system. It makes the connection with the universe and the world beyond, and symbolizes harmony. It allows you to achieve a constant feeling of empathy : by trying to harmonize the 7th chakra, you are able to put yourself in the place of the other as if you were that person. The crown chakra is said to be at the heart of our consciousness. If your crown chakra is deficient, your spark of joy disappears, you are indecisive.

Why balance your 7 chakras?

Balancing the 7 chakras consists of restoring harmony and balance to the 7 energy centers of the body. Indeed, when there is a disturbance in the energies which flow from one chakra to another, the entire system could malfunction.

When negative emotions or energies overwhelm your body, your chakras become blocked: energy circulates less well, you become withdrawn, and this impacts your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Rebalancing your 7 chakras helps you take control of your life, improve your level of well-being, your success, your relationships with others. You also strengthen your intuition , your creativity , better manage your stress , your emotions , your concentration and benefit from better mental clarity .

How to balance your 7 chakras?

In order to work with your 7 chakras , you must first have a more open view of yourself and the world. Several tips can help you carry out this rebalancing :

  • Yoga : the different postures, called asanas, help balance your chakras thanks to flows circulating through the body. For example, the crow position favors the root chakra, the cobra position favors the throat chakra, etc.;
  • Meditation : this break time allows you to soothe the tensions accumulated during the day, to energize your energies , and to cleanse them;
  • Lithotherapy : this is an unconventional medicine technique that uses stones to heal and rebalance the body's energies . Each stone helps your chakras in a very specific way. You can benefit from their benefits by wearing them on energetic jewelry ;
  • Vibrational aromatherapy : it consists, thanks to the choice of the right essential oils , and through gentle massage , to stimulate the chakras in targeted areas of our body.

Ready to act on your 7 chakras ?

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The 7 Chakras: Know Everything About Their Meaning