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How to unblock the energy of the crown chakra?

The crown chakra , Sahasrara in Sanskrit , is the last of the seven chakras . It creates a strong connection with the Supreme Self . It is symbolized by pure white light or violet color. Surrounding the crown of your head , this chakra represents universal consciousness . So how to unlock it? How to recognize a disharmonious crown chakra ? Focus on this chakra which influences intelligence, concentration and memory .
Stéphanie Abellan
Stéphanie Abellan
Therapist, specialized in cell release and cleansing
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What is the function of the crown chakra?

The crown chakra is an energy point located at the top of the skull , at the level of the fontanel . Its functioning is directed by consciousness: it is this 7th chakra which puts us in contact with the universe . This point controls glands like the pituitary gland, which regulate rest and female cycles. The crown chakra regulates the entire energy system: it is essential for general balance of the body.

The importance of a balanced crown chakra

Here are some signs that may indicate that your crown chakra is balanced :

  • You feel connected to something bigger than yourself;
  • You have a developed intuition ;
  • You get to see the beauty and harmony in the world around you;
  • You have a great open mind ;
  • You are receptive to new ideas ;
  • You feel at peace .

When the crown chakras open, people experience spiritual growth and infinite wisdom . They strengthen their connection with their spirit or soul, and gain a feeling of power and self-knowledge.

Signs of an underactive or overactive crown chakra

When the crown chakra is overactive , the person is disconnected from the world around them. In fact, the energy is not shared with the other chakras . You may feel depressed, prone to insomnia, hypersomnia , and experience severe brain fog .

When the crown chakra is underactive, the person tends to exhibit self-centeredness and mental rigidity . Her actions are purely self-centered.

People whose crown chakra is not harmonized lack concentration . They are confused , poorly connected to the outside world, and have to face many emotional blockages.

How to reharmonize your crown chakra?

Regulate your sleep

The crown chakra is connected to the pineal gland : the latter is responsible for controlling the release of melatonin and therefore sleep-wake cycles . To reharmonize your crown chakra, you must better regulate your sleep . Reconnect with your circadian rhythm and your internal biological clock: go to bed earlier, have a regular sleep schedule, and establish rituals in the evening to fall asleep more easily: balanced diet, removing screens in the evening, essential oils soothing…


Meditation is a great way to get in touch with your emotions. Mindfulness meditation can help you reharmonize your crown chakra . This type of practice helps you become aware of your thoughts and feelings while staying in the moment. Become aware of your breathing , and don't dwell on past experiences: you will succeed in gradually eliminating the negative emotions that overwhelm you.


For each chakra , there are stones that allow you to rebalance your vital energy . Amethyst is the crown chakra stone par excellence. It is a purple crystal which provides calming and opening to the spiritual world. The energetic vibrations of this stone are gentle: they fill you with calm. Labradorite allows you to work on all the higher chakras and helps you connect to your highest self.

Rock crystal and milky quartz can also help you rebalance this 7th chakra . You can wear its stones with energetic jewelry , or simply place them in your hand when you meditate.

Affirmations to rebalance your crown chakra

In order to rebalance your crown chakra, several affirmations help you. You can repeat them out loud, in your head, or write them down in a notebook:

  • I live in the present moment ;
  • My crown chakra is open and I am receptive to divine guidance and wisdom;
  • I trust the universe ;
  • Eternal peace flows in and through me;
  • I let go of doubt and welcome the faith and wisdom of the universe ;
  • I am infinite and limitless;
  • I am protected and guided;
  • I know a deep inner peace ;
  • I am worthy of the unconditional love of divine energy.

Oils to harmonize your crown chakra

Some essential oils are effective in opening the crown chakra . You can place them in a diffuser, or dilute them in a neutral vegetable oil and apply them to the skin where the chakra is located. Chinese Rice Flower (Aglaia Odorata) essential oil supports spiritual growth and wisdom. You can also turn to the essential oil of white lotus flower (Nelumbo Nucifera): it promotes total consciousness and reinforces the teachings of the six other chakras, the root chakra , the sacral chakra , the solar plexus chakra , the chakra heart , throat chakra and third eye chakra .

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How to unblock the energy of the crown chakra?