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Comment débloquer et harmoniser son chakra sacré ?

How to unblock and harmonize your sacral chakra?

The root chakra is the first of the seven chakras , and the sacral chakra is the second. It is symbolized by the lotus with 6 petals , orange in color, and is located between the pubis and the navel , at the level of the genitals, the sacrum, the kidneys , the lower back, the hips. The sacral chakra is associated with pleasure, sexuality, joy. It acts on your personal development , and directs your emotional, carnal and personal behavior. It is he who allows the expression of your desires, and the release of your creativity. So, what are the signs of a blocked sacral chakra ? How to harmonize it to find balance? We tell you everything!

Stéphanie Abellan
Stéphanie Abellan
Therapist, specialized in cell release and cleansing
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What is a chakra?

There are 7 chakras , which are junction points of the energy centers of our body. They form the link between body and mind, and there are 7 of them :

From the tip of the sacrum to the top of the skull, the seven chakras are aligned along the spine .

Everything you need to know about the sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is the second chakra. Its Sanskrit name is Svadhisthana, the meaning of which could be “ place of gentleness ”.

When the 2nd chakra is well balanced, you have good self-esteem , are able to adapt easily, demonstrate creativity, sexual fulfillment , and succeed in opening up to the world and to others.

The sacral chakra accompanies your letting go and guides you towards the joy of living.

Kundalini , which is a powerful spiritual energy located in the lower spine , finds its source in the second chakra . The 1st chakra (root chakra) and the 2nd chakra are very connected and dependent on each other.

How to recognize a sacred chakra that is blocked?

For you to feel good in your body, cosmic energy must flow smoothly from one point to another. Indeed, the chakras interact with each other: when one of them is blocked, all of the body's vital energy can be impacted. Some work in pairs: this is notably the case of the sacral chakra and the root chakra .

If your sacral chakra is blocked , this manifests itself in different ways. First of all, emotions scare you and destabilize you. You do not accept them, are nervous , and tend to repress them, to deny them. You can't let go , and are constantly in control and serious. You have lost your grain of madness . You also fear pleasure , lack desire and sexual satisfaction .

When a chakra is blocked, energy flows are poorly distributed between your body and your soul: this affects your creativity, your passion and your sexuality. Uncertainty overwhelms you, and you have difficulty coping with changes.

But that's not all: when the sacral chakra is blocked, your general well-being is weakened: your relationships with others can then become more conflictual, especially in intimacy.

Finally, physically, a sacral chakra that is closed can cause dysfunctions in the intimate area, genitals , urinary or intestinal system .

Causes of a blocked sacral chakra

Stress, illness, emotional turmoil, or conflict can cause blockages or imbalances in your chakras . The sacral chakra can be imbalanced in childhood. This is particularly the case for people who grew up with too many fears, anxieties and taboos around the body in particular. When children are constrained in their movements, prevented from exploring their body, they can be victims of a disharmonized sacral chakra for life.

In adulthood , it is trauma linked to the body, or a poor acceptance of this body which can have a harmful effect on the balance of the sacral chakra .

When should you harmonize the sacral chakra?

You need to harmonize your sacral chakra if:

  • You lack the joy of living , the grain of madness;
  • You cannot let go, enjoy life ;
  • Your libido is at half mast, you lack desire , you have sexual problems;
  • You lack creativity ;
  • You are too demanding of yourself;
  • You have obsessive tendencies .

How to act to unblock your sacral chakra?

Lithotherapy to harmonize your sacral chakra

Several stones can help you harmonize your sacral chakra . This is particularly the case with Rose Quartz : this stone, linked to the heart chakra , can also help you find the peace lost in the imbalance of the 2nd chakra . It helps you reconnect with your inner child and regain self-confidence . You can wear it on a sacred chakra jewel to benefit from all its benefits.

Orange Calcite, Tourmaline, Yellow Jasper and Carnelian are also natural stones emblematic of the sacral chakra . They strengthen the vitality that is lacking in the sleeping 2nd chakra and act on sexual blockages.

Lithotherapy helps you rediscover joy and extroversion. It allows you to reconnect with your intimacy, but also to balance your emotions and stabilize them. The stones help you to be grounded in the present moment and reconnect with your body. They allow you to feel good, to have fun.

You can wear these stones on energetic jewelry (necklace, pendant, bracelet, etc.), or simply place a polished stone or crystal in your bag or pocket.

Yoga postures

Thanks to yoga , you practice breathing exercises and many postures: these help you diffuse energy in your body . Fluids circulate more regularly, which helps you relax and unwind. Here are some postures that allow you to balance the second chakra :

  • Pigeon position (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana);
  • The Hero's position (Virasana);
  • The wide angle position (Konasana);
  • Cow's head position (Gomukhasana);
  • Crocodile position (Makarasana);
  • Cross-legged twist position (Parivrtta Sukhasana);
  • Goddess pose (Deviasana);
  • The stretching position with feet apart (Prasarita Padottanasana);
  • The bridge position (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana).

Essential oils

To harmonize your 2nd chakra , you can use essential oils : ylang-ylang EO , sandalwood or even patchouli are known for their balancing properties on the sacral chakra .

Artistic practices to unblock the 2nd chakra

Dancing, painting, drawing , are powerful ways to explore your creativity. These practices help you connect to your emotions . Use bright colors and let yourself be guided by your intuition to unleash your creativity!

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How to unblock and harmonize your sacral chakra?